Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cord McCoy from The Amazing Race

Hi friends! I wanted to post a picture of me and Cord McCoy (from The Amazing Race) that I had taken at work last week! If you were viewers of the show, you probably know who I am talking about, but, if not then I will tell you that him and his brother Jet were the runners up! They are cowboys from Oklahoma (my home state!) A lady I work with her husband (who is an announcer for a local hockey team) got to take him around that day to promote the PBR and they came by our office! I HAD to get my picture taken with him because my Mom was a big fan of theirs and watched them every week on their journey throughout the show! She was so excited that I got to meet him!


Terrell said...

Yeeee-haaaw!! haha!! How exciting! That is a 10 gal hat for sure! :)

Linda Higgins said...

I love those guys and was sooo sad that they didn't win the big prize, they were gentlemen from the get go and should have taken home the million! Lucky you!