Friday, June 25, 2010

~Meeting new people~

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I have been wanting to find some new friends in blogland and decided this would be the best way to go about it! I hope to meet new people and look forward to reading everyone's blog!

New Friend Fridays


Beth Eaton said...

Hey there! I'm here from New Friend Friday. I love your blog and will gladly become a follower! I look forward to all of your ideas!!

kayni said...

hi. found you through friday friendly follow. i'm following you and hope to get some ideas about cake decorating. i rarely bake but i'd love to learn.

Ruthie said...

Thanks ladies! Kayni I try to keep posting some of my cakes as I make more of them! I haven't made one in a while but I will be in a couple weeks! Stay tuned!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Your cakes are amazing! Good job!
Happy new friends Friday!
Following your blog and would love for you to say hi and do the same!
Xo Frenchy

Ruth said...

nice to meet you at FFF!! I'm Ruthie myself...:) Lovely blog. following along. come by and visit me when you can