Monday, November 29, 2010

~A Thankful Weekend~

Hello ladies! I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving weekend! I sure did! It all started with a Girl's Night Out with some of my girlfriends to see Wicked on Tuesday night! This was my 2nd time seeing it and I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! If anyone gets a chance to see it you should! It is wonderful!

Then Wednesday night some of my family members came into town! Thursday morning was a treat...My brother, neice, brother-in-law and I went Thanksgiving morning to the church to help deliver Thanksgiving meals to families around in the area. The church does this every year and it is such a eye opener to see all the families who don't have money for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone of them seems so appreciative of it! Even though they don't have huge houses, and they live in tiny apartments, it was so neat to see all their family members coming together and spending the day with each other! The first apt that we delivered to made me tear up because it makes me feel thankful for everything that I have...growing up I never had to go without and it is hard for me to see people who have to struggle to make ends meet. It brought tears to my eyes. I just feel soo blessed to have the family that I do, that I am able to have a nice warm house to live in, food to eat each and everyday. I am adopted and I am so thankful to be adopted by such loving and caring parents...they have done so much for me and my siblings! I don't know where I would be now if I wasn't adopted by such great people. I truly feel blessed!

I hope each one of you have a Blessed week!


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The Answer Is Chocolate said...

What a beautiful post Ruthie. Like you, I have always had more than I needed, especially love. I am thankful for the same things so I will not be jealous that you got to see "WICKED" for a second time! I've seen it once and it was fabulous and have the soundtrack pretty much memorized :)