Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Fives...My Answers!!

Hello lovely ladies! This is my first time doing Friday Fives and I am sure I am going to LOVE it!

1. The most exciting thing I could unwrap on Christmas morning would be: GLEE Karaoke Revolution! I really want this! I am a total GLEEK and I love karaoke, so this would be the perfect gift for me! I am hinting around to my hubby that I want it, so I hope I get it! :)

2. Name a fun family tradition that you and your family do or would like to start: One tradition that my family does every year is we do "Find the Pickle"...we started this several years ago and my niece and nephews love it! It is a hoot watching them hunt for it and seeing their reaction when someone finds it!

3. Name a favorite Christmas song or hymn: My favorite Christmas song right now is "Christmas Canon" from Trans-Siberian Orchestra! It is soo beautiful! It also has "Canon D" in it, which is the song I had playing when I walked down the aisle at my wedding!

4. How do you celebrate Christmas? Is it a formal holiday for your family or a very informal one as far as the meal goes? My family's Christmas is usually informal especially on Christmas Eve...we usually have snack foods before or after we attend the Christmas service at church and then Christmas Day is usually informal as well! We like to keep everything causal and comfortable!

5. What sounds do you hear when you read this blog and type your answers? Right now as I am typing my answers the only sounds I hear is the keys being typed and Christmas music on the radio! "Up on the housetop" is playing right now! LOL

This was fun! I can't wait to read everyone's answers! Have a GREAT weekend! Stay warm!



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southerninspiration said...

Love your answers!Thanks for playing along!

We are pretty low key, too, with not a lot of formality, but a lot of fun!