Thursday, December 30, 2010

~Getting to Know Me~

I came across this fun little "Getting to know you" party over at The Idea Room and thought I would join in!


~I was born into a family of 5 girls but was put into the foster care system and was adopted by the time I was two years old by two wonderful people! Luckily, I was adopted together with two of my sisters (the other two were adopted by other families). I also have a brother that my parents had a couple years after we were adopted! :)~

~I am deathly afraid of sharks! I don't know why but I am! I can't go into aquariums, or watch them on tv, or look at them in books, etc! They scare me to death even though I know I will probably never be around them to hurt me or anything but just the sight of them scares me! LOL~

~I have been happily married to my wonderful hubby for 6 yrs!~

~I have a love affair with shoes! I absolutely can't pass up a good deal on shoes! I have a ton of them! To me they are the most important part of an outfit!~

~This is kind of a weird one but I LOVE Monster trucks! I think it all stems from an ex-boyfriend that I had. If I could drive one to work I totally would! I would probably need a ladder to get in it because I am only 4'11!~

~I make custom made cakes for my family and friends~

~I {secretly} want to be a singer! I love singing on Rockband and Karaoke Revolution! I probably sound really bad but it is good times! LOL~

~I am a Twilight nut! I LOVE the Twilight Saga!~

~ I hate wearing wet when you go to a water park and ride the "Roaring Rapids" rides where your clothes get drenched and then you have to walk around in wet clothes! LOL~

~I love to scrapbook, read, travel, and go to concerts! I've been to 5 Rascal Flatts concerts! ~

Some of my favorite tv shows are GLEE, Life Unexpected, Hellcats, and Gossip Girl~

These are just a few random tidbits about myself! Have a great weekend!



Our really empty nest said...

Ruthie, I love reading these, thanks for sharing, and have a Happy New YEar!

MaryBerry Boutique said...

I love this blog party its so fun! I love twilight too...who doesnt right?! It was fun getting to know a little bit more about you:)

Christine said...

interesting. are you in contact with your other two bio-sisters? my cousin was adopted with her sister, she still keeps in contact with her bio-brother...

Ruthie said...

One of them use to live in the next town but then moved away. I've kept in touch with her throughout our life (she is a couple years younger than me) the other one I have never met. One of my sisters met her but the rest of us haven't!

Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) said...

love your list! I think your story is amazing about your adoptions, half my siblings are adopted and I wonder about their biological siblings sometimes. So glad family can come in all shapes, ways and forms! you are amazing!