Thursday, September 30, 2010

~Vintage Wine Box~

Last Friday after work I went shopping at this wonderful shopping center across the street from where I work. I just happened to go into Pier 1 Imports to see what they might have and I came across this little guy on the clearance aisle for $4.98! He started out with this pineapple decor but I really didn't like it so (OF COURSE) I had to make it my own! :)

Here is what it looked like before...

With a new coat of paint, a wooden piece, and aged it up a bit...Here is what it looked like afterwards! I LOVE it!! I am not sure exactly where I will put it but I am sure it will look great wherever it ends up!

Thanks for looking! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!



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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dirt Dessert

Hello blog friends! I went to see some friends this weekend and I wanted to take a delicious and simple, of course, I immediately thought of Dirt Dessert! They have 3 kiddos so I figured this would be perfect for the young and young at heart! I wanted to share it with you all... so here are the ingredients:

1 (16-oz) pkg. Oreo cookies, crushed
1/2 c. butter, melted
1 (8-oz.) pkg. cream cheese, softened
1 (16-oz.) pkg powdered sugar
1 (16-oz.) pkg. cool whip
1 (6-3/4-oz.) pkg. chocolate instant pudding
3 c. milk

Reserve 1 cup of Oreo crumbs. To the rest of the crumbs add the melted butter and mix. Press into bottom of a 9x13 inch pan. Freeze for 15 minutes. With a mixer, beat cream cheese and powdered sugar. Fold in 1/2 of the Cool Whip and spread over the crumb crust. Place in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Mix pudding with the milk; let thicken a few minutes. Pour over the cream cheese layer. Spread the remaining Cool Whip over the pudding followed by the reserved crumbs. Refrigerate 1-2 hours before serving.

For an extra treat for the kiddos...just add gummy worms!



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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Fall Crafts!

My BFF and I made these items many moons ago and I have been decorating with these for years! They are so cute I can not help but share them with you! These crafts are both made from wooden pieces from our local craft stores!

Here is a wooden door hanger turned into a pumpkin! We found some wooden pieces shaped like leaves, we just painted them up, and painted the door hanger to look like a pumpkin. Next we glued the leaves on and "Voila" a cute & festive door hanger!

We found these cute unfinished wood items at our local craft store and then just painted them up! I added some cute Halloween ribbon on the back of mine and now I can hang them up anywhere! They are a fun and cheap project that anyone can do!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


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Monday, September 20, 2010


I am sooo excited that one of my favorite shows is coming back on again tomorrow night! GLEE! I must confess I am a totally GLEEK! My sister got me started watching it and I am now hooked on it! I will be watching it with a friend who has recently started watching and we will be watching it in the comfort of her home! I can't promise you that I won't be singing or dancing at any time LOL No, for everyone's sake...I won't be doing any of that! :) So for all of you fellow GLEEKS-Happy Watching! I am sure it is going to be another GREAT season!

Have a great day!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

~Festive Fall Porch~

I absolutely love Fall! This weekend I cracked out all my decorations and decorated my front porch, kitchen, and my fireplace mantel...I took a pic of my front porch and will show you what it looks like! I put out my scarecrow, fall flower arrangement I found at Michaels last year, metal pumpkin, and an old door knob that I found at a local antique booth, metal sunflower that I got on the clearance aisle at Joann Fabrics a couple weeks ago! I thought it all looks so cute together! I am so excited about it even though today the temperature was 92 degrees! It sure doesn't feel like Fall weather....I guess it is not technically Fall until Thursday! LOL

Thanks for looking! I hope everyone has a great week!


Monday, September 13, 2010

~Pumpkin Topiaries~

Here is a little project that is simple and cheap that I would love to share with everyone! I found some really cute ceramic urns at Michaels about a year ago for $1.00 each. I wasn't really sure what I would do with them until recently...I decided to make some cute pumpkin topiaries!

I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up 2 large pumpkins and 2 small ones...

The urns I got at Michaels....

Here's how they turned out! I just hot glued the pumpkins together and then glued them on the was as easy as that! Cute little pumpkin topiaries that are going to look great with my Fall decor!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fabulous Fall Finds!!

Hello blog friends! I just wanted to share a few wonderful Fall finds that I found recently! I will be adding these to my decor this year!

I was with a friend at a local antique mall when I found this little guy...he was in a booth which everything in it was a $1.00! An 84 year old lady made it and I can't believe she was only charging an $1.00 for it! She had a lot of cute things in her booth which she made! When I saw it I HAD to have it! It will look really cute on my couch!

This sunflower I found this week at Jo Ann Fabrics on the clearance aisle for $4.99! It was suppose to have a long metal piece attached to it that you can stick in the ground but it was missing so that is why it was on the clearance aisle! It was a new Fall item and it was originally $19.99 so I got a really good deal on it!

I am excited to be adding these two new items to my decor this year! I will probably start decorating my house some time next week!! I hope everyone has a great Monday!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

~Fall Wreath~

Happy Friday! I thought I would post the Fall wreath I made tonight! I made a trip to my local Dollar Tree and bought some cute little flowers first...

Here is a lovely pic of the grapevine wreath that I used...Sorry my pictures are a little dark tonight!

These are the flowers I bought while I was at Dollar Tree...

Viola! Here's how it turned out! I think it will look smashing on my wreath hanger in the kitchen! Next week I will be decorating with the rest of my Fall Decor (which I will be taking pictures) so stay tuned! Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~Fall Flowers~

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is having a good week! I recently found some great Fall deals at my local Michaels store! I came across a really cute bucket and some fall flowers that I thought would make a really cute Fall arrangement!

~This little beauty was originally $12.99 but I got it on clearance for $3.89~

~This daisy bush was originally $9.99 and I got it for $5.99~

~I got this Rose/Hydrangea bush for $5.99 as well~

The finished product! I LOVE how it turned out! I can't wait to sit it out with all my other Fall decor! Happy EARLY Fall!


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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Here's Your Sign~

How was everyone's Labor Day weekend? I had a GREAT one! I got quite a bit done! I definitely wasn't looking forward to going back to work LOL I just wanted to post a couple signs that I have made recently...I thought they turned out great! I wasn't to excited about my writing on the "Le Bain" sign but overall it doesn't look too bad!

~Bistro Sign~

~Le Bain (Bathroom) Sign~

Well, thanks for looking! I hope everyone has a great day!


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Thursday, September 2, 2010

~Good deals~

Good evening! I hope everyone had a wonderful day! I had to go to my local Hobby Lobby store after work tonight to get some scrapbook paper...AND...I just happen to go down the clearance aisle! LOL I found a couple good deals there!! I just love the clearance aisle especially when everything is 90% off!

I found these cuties on the clearance aisle...WHICH normally they don't belong on that aisle because they are fairly new Christmas items, but, this one was broken and was sitting in the clearance items. They let me have them for 60% off!

This little guy I've seen on the aisle for a while. He was originally $49.99 and I got him for $5.00! He doesn't have a latch on him like he should but I am sure I can find one pretty cheap somewhere! I think might end up giving him a coat of black paint! If I do, I will post it on my blog when I get it finished! So, everything I got it ended up costing $15.14 and I calculated the cost of what everything would have cost at full price and it would have been $70.88 so I saved $55.74! How exciting is that!?

Thanks for looking! I hope everyone has a GREAT Labor Day Weekend!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

French Obsession Party!

Hello ladies! I wanted to let everyone know that Frenchy over at Le Chateau des Fleurs is having her famous French Obsession Party so you'll definitely want to swing by there! She is giving away an ADORABLE necklace that she made! You should go check it out! Hope everyone has a beautiful day! :)