Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~My January 12 of 12~

I recently came across this fun idea from These Days We/A Blog who got this idea from My Words and I fell in love with this idea! You have to check it out it is so fun! The idea is on the 12th day of each month you take 12 pictures throughout the day and you make a collage out of them! You do this every month and then by the end of the year you have 144 pictures documenting your year! I didn't use their template to make my collage but I used Picasa's collage program to make my own template!

I thought I would run through my photos and tell you what they are and why I picked them {they go from top to bottom, left to right}

Top row:
1. Patient charts at work (I work at an OBGYN/GYN office)
2. My trusty glue gun that is used on a weekly basis
3. My daily trip to Walmart
4. Frosty the "Sock Snowman" that I made last year

2nd row:
5. A Twix candy bar that I ate this morning! LOL
6. A golden letter "M" that I have on our mantel since our last name starts with M!
7. The hubby and I on NYE!
8. GLEE Karaoke Revolution that I got for Christmas

3rd row:
9. My beautiful red scarf that I wear everyday to work (a gift that my parents got me in Chile)
10. My laptop that I come home every night and relax with while getting on Facebook and Blogger :)
11. Netflix envelope...I watch ALOT of these Netflix movies!!
12. Facebook...I think I am seriously addicted to this website! LOL

I am soo looking forward to each month and seeing what my pictures will be like! Stay tuned! LOL


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Kelli said...

What a cute idea, I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

Kelli @