Thursday, February 17, 2011

~Hamburger cupcakes~

Hello lovelies! How are you this morning? I'm sure you have all seen those adorable little cupcakes around the internet that look like little hamburgers? Well a couple years ago, I was wanting to find a festive birthday cake to make for my father-in-law Jack, and since he is known in our family as making {THE BEST} hamburgers...I thought these would be perfect to make for him! I thought I would share with you my version of how I made these cute little guys! They were really simple to make!

You will need:

Pineapple cans that are emptied and cleaned
Yellow cake mix (buns)
Brownie mix (hamburger)
Icing color-yellow, red, and green
White sprinkles (sesame seeds)

Optional: round cookie cutter and a leaf cake decorating tip


First, you mix your yellow cake mix according to the package and pour the batter into the pineapple cans and bake. Then you make your brownie mix and pour it into a cookie sheet to bake. During this time you can make your icing and get it colored into 3 different colors-yellow (mustard), red (ketchup), and green (lettuce) When the yellow cake mix is finished baking and cooled, you can take them out of the cans and cut each one in half, this will be the bun of your hamburgers! When your brownies get finished baking and cooled, you can take a round cookie cutter and cut into round pieces, this will be the hamburger patty!

To assemble:

Take one of the "buns" and separate the top and bottom part of the bun. Place a brownie (hamburger patty) on the bottom part of the bun then take some green icing (I just used a leaf cake decorating tip) and make the green icing look like lettuce, then take the yellow and red icing and drizzle it over the lettuce to make it look like mustard and ketchup. When you are done then place the top of the bun on top and your done! Continue doing this until all of your hamburgers are assembled!

If you would like you can take some white sprinkles and take a little corn syrup and brush on the top of each of the burgers and sprinkle the top to make it look like sesame seeds on the buns! It will give it a festive and realistic look to your burgers!

These little guys are so festive! They would be perfect to make for a birthday party or a picnic! If you decide you want to make some or have already made some, I would love to see them! Enjoy!

Have a lovely day!




Michelle said...

The burger cakes are too cute!

Amanda said...

Thanks for an awesome post! I featured it on my blog today!


Kim @ It's a Crafty Life said...

A cute idea! How long did you bake the items, since they are in a different container? Did you just keep checking on it to see if it was done? Thanks for sharing!

Madison said...

What a fab idea! So cute and simple to do.

Ruthie said...

I really can't remember how long I cooked them...but yes I did check on them quite often! I think I cook them about the length you would bake cupcakes (well depending on how many you bake). If that makes any sense?