Monday, March 28, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday-My Answers!!

I am joining in on all the fun over at All The Weigh's Friend Makin' Monday! Here are my answers!

1) What is your favorite physical feature? I would have to say my hair? Does that count ;) I love the color of it and when it is clean it looks really pretty! LOL

2) List three adjectives that describe you: Caring, dedicated, and hopeful

3) How old were you when you had your first kiss? I really can't remember! How bad is that!? LOL

4) Do you believe in God? Yes! He is my Lord and Savior, and I am very thankful everyday that he died on the Cross for my sins! He is a forgiving God and loves us unconditionally no matter what we've done!

5) How often do you watch the news? I really don't...I know it is bad that I don't but most of the time it is sad, horrible, devastating things that are happening and I don't like to hear about the sad things that are going on. I like to look at the positive side of things and so I don't watch the news just because of it.

Thanks for swinging by and visiting my blog! I hope you have a wonderful week!



Peggy Lee said...

You were very brave to answer those questions. I tried to come up with something but the answers didn't sound too good....aside from the believing in God question. Well OF COURSE I DO!!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Interesting questions. I see more and more people say they dont watch the news...I do listen to the radio while I drive in the am, they give a segment for 10 minutes and that's as much as I can take

The4Rs said...

What a great idea, your birdhouse decor! So "green" and thrifty! Would you please post a link on my Mother’s Day Themed Linky Giveaway party?