Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hooo Are You? My Answers!! (Easter Edition)


1. What are your plans for Easter? Well this Easter, my sister and her family are coming in from Kansas and she has 4 kiddos! They haven't been in for a couple years now and so it will be soo much fun!

2. Do you die eggs for Easter? I'm sure my niece and nephews will be dyeing some eggs!

3. What is your favorite Easter candy? My favorite Easter candy are those little coconut nest that have the jelly beans in them...Not sure what the name is but those are soo yummy!

4. Do you celebrate the make believe part of Easter and/or the
religious part? We do both! We usually go to church, have a huge lunch, and an Easter hunt!

5. What is your favorite part about the Easter holiday? My favorite part about the Easter holiday is getting to spend time with my family and watching the kids hunt for eggs!

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Megan Wynn Volnoff said...

Hey ;) You are new follower of mine!!
Thanks!!! I love those easter egg nest thingies too!!! I wish i knew the name of them!!!

{The Mrs}