Saturday, July 16, 2011

~Affair of the Heart~

OK, SO CHECK THIS OUT...every year around my birthday (July 17th) a craft show comes into town. It is like the mother load of all craft shows! I always look forward to it every year and always come out of there with a few things! LOL Well this year I really wasn't planning on getting anything but I {OF COURSE!!} found a couple things!! My in-laws and my hubby both gave me $50 each for my birthday! Here are few pics of my goodies:

~A cool wooden box (I really like all the cubbies in it!)~

~Cloth pumpkins (several sizes)~

~Happy Birthday to Me! I got this beautiful necklace and a really pretty silver and pearl bracelet too!~

What more could a girl want? LOL I am so excited because tonight I get to go with my friend to see NKOTB and Backstreet Boys! I'll be posting pics of that in another post! Stay tuned!

Have a lovely day! Keep cool!


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