Friday, October 14, 2011

~Spooktacular Halloween Decor~

Since Halloween is almost here, I thought I would post several pics of my Halloween decor! I just love Halloween, don't you? Here are some of my favorite decor:

~My black pedestal with a skull, spider webs, and spiders, OH MY! :)~

~Some "Poison Bottles" that I bought from my BFF...LOVE them!~

~"Trick or Treat" plaque and a black crow statue that I made!~

I think they look "Spooktacular" don't ya think? :) Bring on all the costumes and all the candy...I think I am ready for Halloween! I will be heading to a Halloween party next weekend...SO I must ask "What is your Halloween costume this year"?

Happy Friday! Have a GREAT weekend!


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