Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Hello blog friends! It's been a couple weeks since I've posted anything and I PROMISE...I have a good reason! :) I have been an extra in a movie that is being filmed here in Oklahoma. It is called "Home Run" and it should be coming out around this time next year!

Here is what the movie is about: "A pro baseball player with an alcohol problem is forced to return to his hometown to face the pain he tried to ignore, the girl he wanted to forget, and the son he never knew".

Here is a link to the website: Home Run the movie

The main actor is a guy named Scott Elrod (he plays Cory Brand) and Vivica A. Fox plays his agent! She is really nice!

I got to be a nurse in the background when the main character "Cory" is visiting his brother in the hospital. The last couple days I was also filming as a baseball fan! They are suppose to finish filming this weekend. I hate to see them go! :( It is an interesting industry and it is really neat to see how it all comes together!

It is really cool to me because to be an extra in a movie is something that I have had on my bucket list for many years now and I finally had my chance! It is really tiring because we would be there for many many hours but it is totally worth it! :) I definitely wouldn't mind doing it again sometime! It is so much fun!

This movie should be out around baseball season of 2012, so be looking for it!

Have a GREAT Halloween weekend! Stay warm and safe!


Friday, October 14, 2011

~Spooktacular Halloween Decor~

Since Halloween is almost here, I thought I would post several pics of my Halloween decor! I just love Halloween, don't you? Here are some of my favorite decor:

~My black pedestal with a skull, spider webs, and spiders, OH MY! :)~

~Some "Poison Bottles" that I bought from my BFF...LOVE them!~

~"Trick or Treat" plaque and a black crow statue that I made!~

I think they look "Spooktacular" don't ya think? :) Bring on all the costumes and all the candy...I think I am ready for Halloween! I will be heading to a Halloween party next weekend...SO I must ask "What is your Halloween costume this year"?

Happy Friday! Have a GREAT weekend!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hoo Are You? My Answers!!


1. Do you sleep with the tv or music on? I always fall asleep with my tv set on a sleep timer. I like to have a little noise when I fall asleep!

2. What is your favorite technology device that you own? My favorite technology device that I own is my laptop. I don't think I could live without it ;) Ok, maybe I could! LOL

3. Do you shop the ads for groceries? Not yet...last week I attended a coupon workshop at my church to learn how to use coupons so I am starting to get into all of that! I am pretty excited about it!

4. What are you favorite pair of shoes? During the summer my favorite pair of shoes would be my flip flops but during the winter I have a pair of boots that my hubby gave me that I absolutely love!

5. Have you done any fun fall activities yet? Yes I have! I went to my town's local Fall Festival a couple weeks ago, and I just went to another local fair yesterday...I have plans for more activities coming up soon!

Monday, October 3, 2011

~Happy Fall Ya'll~

Good morning friends! It is a beautiful day here in Oklahoma! I hope all is well where you live! :) Well, I put out my Fall decor in my kitchen this last week and I wanted to post a pic of it. I found the white wooden box (with cubbies) at a local craft show a few months ago. I was able to find a few things to put in it at another craft show a couple weeks ago. I also found the cute little crow/sunflower pillow at an antique mall last year for $1.00!

I just love this time of year! The days are getting a little colder, the leaves are starting to change colors, it is time to crack out the Chili/Taco soup, football games, Halloween, etc., etc...I could just go on and on! :) I also know it is time to put out my Fall/Halloween decor too! I probably won't get out my Halloween decor until a little closer to the time frame. So...stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!