Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Pinterest Party"

My friend's church just had a "Pinterest Party" yesterday that I HAVE TO tell you about! We were suppose to bring either a soup or a salad, and then bring 3 things (sassy, homemade, or store bought) that cost $5 or less. When we got there, we put our 3 items on a table and put our name into a bucket 3 times. While we were eating lunch and watching a "Pinterest" inspired craft demo, they called names and each person got to get up and pick an item off the table! So much fun! I was going to make something as my 3 things that I brought, but I ended up finding some cute "Good Housekeeping Christmas Cookie" cookbooks that were $5 each at Kohl's. I ended up spending a few more dollars and bought 3 cute cookie cutters. I added red sparkly tulle and a cookie cutter to each cookbook! LOVE how they turned out!

They actually look better in person! I couldn't take a very good pic of it but you get the gist! :)

Here are my goodies that I ended up with at the end of the party! LOVE THEM! How fun, huh?

What a wonderful afternoon spent with great people, good food, and great fun! Such a neat idea for a party! I hope everyone gets inspired by this party as well!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!


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