Sunday, April 29, 2012

~Weekend finds~

So I have to tell you what I did this weekend! There is this AMAZING antique mall a couple towns over from where I live...I have to post a pic of it so you can see how big this place is! :)

It is the best place EVER to shop for goodies! My BFF and I would go all the time whenever we could, but since she moved away on me, I had to go all by myself this weekend! :( I was in search of some organizational items to use in my craft/scraproom and this was the place to go! Let me show you a few things I bought!

*This bad boy will be used to store all my rolls of ribbon!

*Not sure what I will use this for, but I bought one of these for decoration...maybe storage!

*Two of my favorite items! A wooden scoop and a lovely bucket that I will be using for decoration! How cute are they?!

*and last but not least, another favorite of mine...this lovely wooden rack that I will be using as a CD rack! It doesn't look like it in the pic, but it is a bright green color right now. I will eventually paint it a light grey color, and give it a shabby chic look!

You just don't know how excited I am to finally be able to get my craft room in order! I still have some more things to buy, but that will take time to find everything I need. :) It is a working progress! Stay tuned to see my lovely items get a "makeover"! I will be posting those in the next week or so!

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT week! :)


Friday, April 13, 2012

~Painting Class~

Ok, so I MUST tell you something that I did a couple weeks ago that was A BLAST! I am sure you've heard of those painting classes where you go by yourself, or with friends, and an artist guides you step by step in the nights featured painting? Well, I got the idea from a co-worker and thought it would be fun, so I signed myself up for an evening of fun, food, and painting! Being a person who is crafty and loves anything crafty...I LOVED IT!!

Here is a pic of me working on my painting! No I am not bored I am just really focusing on it! LOL

Here is a class pic! I am the one on the floor with black hair and a black shirt and I am sitting by the teacher! She was really nice!

It was so much fun that I will have to do it again! Can't wait until the next time!

Anyhoo, Thanks for stopping by! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! It is supposed to be storming here all weekend and possible tornadoes :(


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope everyone has had a wonderful & blessed Easter today and got to spend time with family and friends! :) I sure did! All my family came into town and we had a GREAT time! I was sad to see everyone leaving to go home!

Well, I wanted to show a little project that I did the other day that I am just now being able to post on here...My BFF and I bought these clear bunnies at the dollar store last year...

and we were planning to paint them, but we never did, and so I finally got around to painting mine this year! I took some acrylic paint that I had on hand and painted them a chocolate brown making them look like chocolate bunnies! I think they turned out adorable! I also put a little sheer ribbon around the necks to give them some pizazz! Here is out it turned out! :)

They look soo good I could almost eat them! Ok, well...maybe not! LOL I am so excited to be adding them to my Easter decor for next year! It was such an easy and cheap project that took literally no time at all to do!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a GREAT week!


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