Wednesday, October 3, 2012

~Coffee Filter Wreath~

Ok, so I jumped on the band wagon and made myself a nifty little coffee filter wreath!

I went to my nearest dollar store and got me a package of coffee filters (160 pack) and I found me a foam wreath form at the craft store. I grabbed my glue gun and started gluing the coffee filters on my wreath form. It is very time consuming so I suggest you watch a tv show {or two}, or watch a movie while working on it!

I also want to give you a heads up, if you make one, YOU MIGHT GET GLUE GUN BURNS! LOL BUT in the end, it looks so good, so it is worth it! :) I finished mine off with some jute ribbon & some burlap and it looks mighty fine if I do say so myself! I already have it hanging up in my dining room and it looks SMASHING!

Well, have a good rest of the week and have a GREAT weekend! I will be enjoying some "cooler" weather this weekend and I can't wait! Cheers!


Creations by Kara