Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Pinterest Party"

My friend's church just had a "Pinterest Party" yesterday that I HAVE TO tell you about! We were suppose to bring either a soup or a salad, and then bring 3 things (sassy, homemade, or store bought) that cost $5 or less. When we got there, we put our 3 items on a table and put our name into a bucket 3 times. While we were eating lunch and watching a "Pinterest" inspired craft demo, they called names and each person got to get up and pick an item off the table! So much fun! I was going to make something as my 3 things that I brought, but I ended up finding some cute "Good Housekeeping Christmas Cookie" cookbooks that were $5 each at Kohl's. I ended up spending a few more dollars and bought 3 cute cookie cutters. I added red sparkly tulle and a cookie cutter to each cookbook! LOVE how they turned out!

They actually look better in person! I couldn't take a very good pic of it but you get the gist! :)

Here are my goodies that I ended up with at the end of the party! LOVE THEM! How fun, huh?

What a wonderful afternoon spent with great people, good food, and great fun! Such a neat idea for a party! I hope everyone gets inspired by this party as well!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

~Front Door Fall Wreath~

A few weeks ago, one of my good friends and I decided we wanted a beautiful Fall wreath for our front doors. So what did we do? We ran to our closest Hobby Lobby and got the supplies we needed to make this bad boy!

We got a grapevine wreath (which I found out I am allergic to!!), a fall garland, some flowers, a couple pumpkins, fall colored berries, and some pretty ribbon and we got started putting it all together! We first wrapped the fall garland around the grapevine wreath (hot gluing as we went) and then tucked in some fall colored berries (as filler). Then we took the flowers and pumpkins and glued them into place. Lastly, we made a wreath hanger with a fall colored ribbon that we bought so we could hang this beauty on our doors!

I think I might make a big bow to put on top of this beauty! I already have it hung up outside of my front door and it looks SMASHING! LOVE it even though I was allergic to it! LOL

I LOVE this time of year, don't you? Bring on the holidays!

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