Tuesday, March 5, 2013

~Fleece Tie Blanket~

So, I know you have probably seen these blankets everywhere but I just have to show you the one I made for my niece's 7th b-day this weekend. It.is.ADORABLE! She is the only one of my nieces & nephews that doesn't have a fleece blanket, so she is really excited about it!

I went to a local craft store and found this adorable fleece material with birds on it & I found a pretty teal/blue color to use on the backside! I think it turned out really cute! This was my 8th fleece blanket to make and I think I am a professional at it by now! LOL They are really easy to make and everyone loves them. They make great gifts!

If you don't know how to make one, and would like a tutorial, here is a link to show you how: Fleece Tie Blanket

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